Granite Sound GS-CMLS2 - Loudspeaker Master Station

GS-CMLS2 - Loudspeaker Master Station
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Combining loudspeaker and dedicated microphone input, the GS–CMLS2 enables 2-channel communication, plus combined A + B channels, while maintaining independence between the channels.

The GS-CMLS2 is the GS-CMS2 Master Station with the addition of a loudspeaker and microphone input, allowing the operator control without the use of a headset. A loudspeaker and XLR connection for a Gooseneck microphone is incorporated in the larger front panel, which is controlled via an adjacent switch to select either 'headset' or 'loudspeaker/mic' operation.

- Powerful Sound Quality
- Practical Design
- Straightforward Use
- 2 Channel Communication Options: A, B plus combination A+B
- Loudspeaker Feature for Additional Convenience 

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Manufacturer Granite Sound