Granite Sound GS-CHS2 Professional Dual Muff Headset

GS-CHS2 Professional Dual Muff Headset
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Granite Sound's dual muff headset has been specially desinged to combine the maximum in comfort, saftery, durability and reliablility. Care has been taken in the acoustic and electrical isolation between microphone and headset to reduce crosstalk to a minumum. This dual muff headset has been designed to be fully adjustable to afford a comfortable fit for any user. The practically indestrucatble microphone is mounted on a movable arm to the left of the headset and has been designed for optimum rejection of unwanted sound. The flexible 1.5 metres of cable is virtually unbreakable due to the steel reinforcement braiding underneath the PVC coat.

Combining reliability with exceptional sound clarity, the GS-CHS2 Headset is compatible with all standard intercom equipment, and is designed to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The dual muff headset reduces background noice and provides superb audio quality headphone to mic.

Fitted with a standard 4-pin female XLR connector for universal compatibility.

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